*** Old *** Charities

Welcome to our charity page! Everything started when Lily was born with VSD which is a heart condition. Having spent so much time in the hospital due to the 7 little holes in her heart - particularly always around Christmas time, Lily decided to raise gifts for the children’s wing of the hospital the first Christmas she was in care. Her goal was completely blown out of the water and, with the help of her community, she raised over 2400 gifts for the entire hospital.

Being passionate about giving back, Lily’s goal is to work with many local organizations as well as national and international ones. During the BC floods, Lily was able to work with Mamas for Mamas and give donations of clothing, baby formula, diapers and any other needed items totalling to 127 items donated!

Recently, Lily has worked with Balding for Dollars and Breanne Allarie where she helped the fundraising in matching the amount donated by others dollar to dollar where they could purchase items on her website. A total of $425 of gift cards for items on LLA were given and every card was used!

Lily Lou’s Aromas has a goal of working with a new charity every month that supports different causes that are close to Lily’s heart. Anything from animals, mental health and minority groups that need more representation, on top of her existing connections with the CWF and OTP where we have planted over 210+ trees.