Lily Lou’s Aromas assists with Lily’s homeschooling as well as her extracurricular activities. Lily has an entire team of strong women who work with her for her business and that are confident in their own fields and skills and therefore teach Lily every day. Apart from homeschool classes, she learns budgeting, customer service, management, IT programs and languages skills. Without knowing it, this was the best path we could have chosen for Lily’s education and ability to learn.

As mentioned, Lily and the entire family are very passionate about charity work. Having raised funds recently for the BC flood victims with Mamas for Mamas Vancouver, Lily is looking forward to partnering with local charities to continue her fundraising work. Visit our charity page to hear more about our work!

We are also working towards being as eco-friendly as possible. With our vegan, cruelty-free products, the candles are made from soy wax with essential oils and are phthalate free. We also have a recycling program! We are passionate about doing our part for the environment and to ensure you have the best, non-toxic products in the comfort of your home.