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Lily Lou's Aromas


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*Please note crystals may vary in size*

Crystals will also include a card with more information regarding their properties.

Tourmaline - Grounding stone, dispels and protects against negative energy and purifying.

Blue Quartz - Enhance creativity and self expression, hope and happiness.

Citrine - Bring positivity and happiness, manifest wealth and Confidence.

Green Quartz - Stimulates creativity, success and Prosperity and Healing.

Rose Quartz - Heal a broken heart, encourage compassion and peace, brings harmony.

Tigers Eye - Clarity, organization, logic. Increases vitality and strength. Boosts willpower.

Clear Quartz - Gain clarity and manifest what you want. Aids in concentration and memory. 

Amethyst - Healing and cleansing properties, enhances intuition and stimulates the mind.