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Lily Lou's Aromas


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Like camping but just without leaving the house. This candle is already a best seller and its obvious why, with notes of marshmallow creme, sweet honey and toasted almonds topped off with gooey caramel chocolate and vanilla. We just can't promise you won't be a tad hungry after lighting this yummy candle!

Want less packaging? Choose the option and we remove the bow and the plastic shell. Your wax melt will come just as it is so please store in a cool/dry place that is safe for wax melts and sealed to avoid loosing its aroma. Have a preference on exactly what you want. Let us know at checkout in notes!

My snap bars weigh approximately 50g each - giving you 50 hours of fabulous fragrance. Just simply pop off a square and straight into the warmer to fill your home with the aromas you love.

Disclaimer: Some of fragrance we use deliver a scent reminiscent to populars scents. These products are not made by, endorsed by or in any way affiliated with any other brand.