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Lily Lou's Aromas

Zodiac Candle 9oz

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Zodiac Sign

100% soy luxury candles that are hand-poured with love and positive vibes. This candle is a perfect buy for your Zodiac loving-self, or is a great unique gift for a true Zodiac fan in your life! You even have the option to add crystals to your candle to make this the most perfect candle! Crystal description list is below.

If a crystal is chosen each candle will come with a card that gives you more insight to the chosen crystal and zodiac info. Also included will be an information note explaining what the crystal is used for and how to care for it.

Please read before purchasing:

Your candle will have a net wax weight of 9oz but if you'd prefer a different size just let me know as these candles can be fully personalized.

This candle is made of soy wax and is 100% all natural. Soy wax is vegan and a renewable resource, and when used in candles allows them to burn longer and slower than paraffin candles. Please note frosting on the side of the jar may occur, but is totally normal and is a natural effect of using soy wax and will not impact the quality of the candle.
These candles have a braided wick. The glass jars don't have a lid and can be reused after as a small vase or for trinkets like holding your crystal!

-CRYSTALS- Please note crystals are size small and may vary in size.

Tourmaline - Grounding stone, dispels and protects against negative energy and purifying.

Blue Quartz - Enhance creativity and self expression, hope and happiness.

Citrine - Bring positivity and happiness, manifest wealth and Confidence.

Green Quartz - Stimulates creativity, success and Prosperity and Healing.

Rose Quartz - Heal a broken heart, encourage compassion and peace, brings harmony.

Clear Quartz - Gain clarity and manifest what you want. Aids in concentration and memory. 

Amethyst - Healing and cleansing properties, enhances intuition and stimulates the mind.

I do also have other crystals available if you'd like a particular one please let me know and I can change out the crystal.