Meet the Parents | Mission

If you've already read the The Maker then you'll already know about Lily and the basics of how Lily Lou's Aromas began. Let me fill in some gaps for you about who we are in the Meet the Parents section of this small business / home learning project and the mission behind Lily Lou's Aromas.

I'm Chloe aka Mom -

Im a 28 y/o Stay At Home Mom born in the UK and raised in Spain with 2 beautiful Daughters Lily 8 (Spanish born) / Ellie 11 months (Canadian Born) and a background in Business, Marketing, Social Media and Hairdressing. Im here to help Lily with all online platforms and customer service. Im also great at tying bows, making snacks and helpful at holding lighting for reels according to Lily. I'm not good at limiting my caffeine intake, responding to text messages even though I read them (sorry!) and saying no to Lily #Mamasgirl. Now thats covered part of my day to day roles, I wanted to dive back a little deeper into the reason behind starting Lily Lou's Aromas, who is little Lily, who we are and how we are part of this small business/project.

Lily has always been incredibly out-going and passionate about life. She's so eager to learn and experience life hands on. She isn't your average 8 year old let me tell you that! Reminds me very much of myself when I was a child in that aspect and the comment of 'she's much wiser than her years' is a comment we've both heard plenty of times.

Lets go back to the beginning of how this strong little lady began! Sergio and I had Lily when we were just 20 and 23 years old, when Lily was born she was immediately very unwell and they detected a heart condition called a ventricular septal defect (VSD) where she had 7 holes in her little heart, we are just so incredibly grateful to all the health and medical staff that worked so hard to help Lily get to where she is today, not to mention the incredible strength this little one showed daily to become the gymnastic and sport enthusiast she is today just 8 years later. Watching and experiencing all this we were the closest little family and grew up through life together, we've travelled the world and experienced life together as a unit. We are besties for life as she says and we are mini grandmas who love to watch friends and eat snacks whilst lighting our fave aromas with a face mask on. If you follow her social media you know this already haha!

Luckily, Lily comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and business owners so always naturally wanted something she could call her own. When the pandemic struct and as like many other families in the world with children we started distance learning. This is where everything changed as we knew it just like so many others, I had to flip everything on its head and this was our new world. Let me tell you, I had less than ZERO experience in trying to teach Lily all the things she needed to know and after lots of research, anxiety, a touch of crying, facebook groups and so much more I finally began to get the swing of things. Honestly, we are learning multiplications together and please note that we've been homeschooling for two years now so its taken me quite some time to get the grasp of things and really we are still learning as we go. If you are a homeschooling mama, a mama or anyone trying to navigate this pandemic with or without kids - you've got this and a big hug from me!! 

What struck me the most was how happy Lily was to be home. We had dealt with endless issues of bullying during her days at school, LST for furthered learning because Lily was struggling/falling behind and I finally started to feel Lily begin to be herself again and when schools reopened after long discussions with Lily we kept her home. Being able to work hands on in a one-on-one environment with Lily has been an absolute game changer and she has had the ability to grasp things she couldn't before. 

I quickly learnt that sitting Lily down in front of books on a schedule similar to what I had experienced at school wasn't for her. She couldn't focus, needed to be moving constantly and if it didn't interest her then the focus would fade very fast! Her Papa has ADHD and he felt her struggle so we needed to think of something that could help her learn without really knowing that she was learning in a more 'going-through-everyday-life-experience' that wouldn't feel like staring at a book to learn. I thought what could be better than collecting all the boxes in the house we could find and creating a pretend shop. Lily's grandparents owned corner stores and I used to love sitting and chatting with customers also counting change, so why wouldn't Lily? 

We built a pretend store and coloured it in, built shelves it looked amazing! Lily looked at me and said 'Wait, I need things to sell to you so I can add up'! I turned around a grabbed a few of my wax melts from the table and said how about these. We played shops for hours, learning numbers and customer service, we even phoned the supplier (aka Dad) to deliver more products when she 'sold out'. Needless to say Lily loved it! She sat down and said 'I wish I could do this everyday' - what Mama can resist seeing how much she enjoyed and how this could beautifully tie together everything with learning and real life experience if it became real life! 

The next day Lily Lou's Aromas was born. I couldn't be happier to get to work alongside Lily everyday helping her grow and learn through hands on experience. Shes honestly the best 'coworker' I've ever had and each day is filled with more glitter, craziness and fun than the previous. Thank you to every single person who supports Lily Lou's Aromas, showing the world how you start with colouring in boxes and finish with your dreams becoming reality even if you are only 8! 

Now lets introduce Sergio aka Papa -

I'm 31 y/o and I'm chief of shipping, packing and label helper also manager of all hot items and overseeing the making process. I also collect things from the garage that the girls are scared of because of spiders and its 'dark down there'. I have a background in Golf... yes nothing to do with anything to do with aromas, wax melts, candles or bracelets but the wife and Lily asked me to help and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I know Chloe has already told you the details regarding how the business started and why we love Lily Lou's Aromas so much as a project but I wanted to touch base on why being able to be a part of this first hand and help is so important to me.

Im Spanish, born and raised in Spain. I was always the kid in trouble at school, spending most of my days at the principles office for something I'm not really sure why. I just didn't get it, I loved seeing my friends, playing sports and learning but I could never just do well or fit in to the right box the school wanted of me. I struggled to grasp things and in Spain when you don't pass grades they actually hold you back. I watched my younger sister graduate before I did and I never understood why? I just couldn't do what everyone else could, but I found myself in elite programs for sports and ranked number 2 nationally in amateur golf by the time I was just 17 years old. So being able to offer the environment of learning that Lily needs is just everything to me, seeing her without pressures and following her own natural learning path is so amazing. Its everything that little me needed and was never picked up on and instead just muddled through barely.

I was diagnosed later on in adult life with ADHD this was when everything came together and I was able to recognize the areas that Lily needed help in and I'm so glad that we made this decision with her to help her learn this way. Thanks for taking this small project/business and helping us create a super cool future for Lily on wherever she wishes to take this.

The Mission - 

Lily Lou's Aromas helps Lily with her homeschooling and the funds from her sales go towards paying for her extra curricular activities including Ice Skating and Competition Gymnastics. Through Lily Lou's Aromas Lily learns everyday subjects to life experience subjects such a budgeting and customer service which we hope goes on with her through life, making the transition from school to business as smooth as possible. Lily Lou's Aromas has only just begun but we are in talks of teaming up with local charities to make a difference within our local communities and hopefully bigger projects. Lily has worked on raising donations for the flood victims in BC with Mamas for Mamas Vancouver and Lily has always enjoyed fundraising ever since she was little please view one her links here of her past charity work-

We are working on becoming as eco-friendly as we possibly can be and are always open to feedback and learning of opportunities where we can make a difference through Lily Lou's Aromas. 

If you've made it this far reading, Sergio, Lily and I hope you have a better understanding of the mission behind Lily Lou's Aromas and how much it means to us all as a family. A BIG thank you to all that support, impact and contribute to Lilys and our lives, it means a lot to us!